Mixed Media

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I have been chosen as a Finalist again this year for the Tollman Bouchard Finlayson Tondo Competition

– Part of Hermanus Fynarts

Here are my two submissions:  both are 55 cm Ø – both AVAILABLE


Monoprint assemblage (Protea leaves), Drawing, stitching on paper

Wilde Impressions

Assemblage of Monoprinted and Eco-printed leaves and stitching on rust dyed paper


Change of Season

Monotype collage, ink, acrylic, graphite, charcoal, on canvas, 600 x 900 cms




Botanical Monoprint collage,  ink, acrylic, stitching 200 x 200 mm


Flight of the Bumblebee

Mixed media with monoprints, embossing, teabags and hand stitching on paper


Life Blood

Also part of the ‘SHE’ Exhibition at RK Contemporary, Life Blood is a tribute to Mother Nature.

Collage, acrylic ink, stitching, mono-printing with botanical specimens on paper


Eyes in the back of her head

This work is inspired by our lockdown during the Covid 19 pandemic and the wearing of masks, where all you can see are eyes above the masks. Assemblage: Hand stitching on tea bags, machine stitching on paper.




So, can we go for a walk now?

Botanical Monoprint collage, hand-stitching on paper


Universal Being

Mixed media: pencil, monoprints, ink, metal leaf, coloured pencils, stitching on paper

300 x 300 mm each – (I and III available,  No. II is Sold)


Disconnect I – VI

Botanical monoprints, ink, graphite, on paper, 20 x 20 cms.  Available 


Take a walk

I love to walk in my little village, taking in the details of the plants and the birds, but across the bay I see buildings and industry…

Collage, acrylic,  stitching, mono-printing with botanical specimens on paper. Available.



collage, acrylic ink, acrylic, copper leaf, stitching on paper.  SOLD



‘Long ago, before writing, you’d give someone a stone that suited the way you were feeling’. 

‘Departures’, Japanese film 2008

Botanical monoprints, collage, stitching on paper.  Available



This small series of works formed my entry in the 2019 ‘State of the Art Award‘ and earned me a place in the top 10. AVAILABLE.

Monoprints: woven basket, gauze, teabags, feathers, tree stump, plant seeds, Fynbos. Paper Weaving and stitching.


Wilde Thing

Starting with a monotype collage of printed fynbos, this work is painted and finished with coloured hand and machine stitching

– On paper – AVAILABLE


A Marvelous Night for a Moondance!

Part of the ‘Art of Thread – Shades and Tones’ exhibition, Fynarts 2019 – AVAILABLE

Botanical monotypes, painting, hand and machine stitching on paper



Monotype collage with drawing, stitching and painting (20 x 30 cms) on paper – AVAILABLE


Ongoing conversations

Series of 4 Monotype collages with drawing, stitching and painting (20 x 20 cms) on paper – AVAILABLE


Under discussion

Series of 4 Monotype collages with drawing, stitching and painting (20 x 20 cms) on paper – AVAILABLE


Out for a Walk

Botanical Monotype collages with Stitching, drawing and Metal leaf (30 x 50 cms), on paper


Local Treasure

Monotype Collage series with added embroidered detail (20 x 20 cms)

 No II  Available from Harbour road Gallery, Kleinmond


Falling apart at the seams

Vuleka Finalist 2018 (merit award) – available (each panel 60 x 90 cms) – AVAILABLE


A thread runs through it

Exhibit at the ‘Thread runs through it – Collaborative Relationships’ exhibition, part of Hermanus Fynarts 2018. AVAILABLE

A collaboration with Leila Fanner  


Lost and Found

Monotype with feathers and hand stitching (45 x 45 cms each) – AVAILABLE


Dandelion Series

Monotype collage constructions on paper with layered hand cut film,

hand stitching and metallic leaf (20 x 20 cms) – AVAILABLE


How Does Your Garden Grow

Vuleka Second place finalist 2016, available

Monotypes on teabags with stitching – AVAILABLE



Winner of the Belville Library Book Arts competition 2015:

Botanical monotypes and stitching on encyclopedia pages. – AVAILABLE


Recently sold Mixed media