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Colouring know-How

Exciting news!  My new book ‘Colouring Know-How’ is about to hit the shelves in South Africa – and hopefully worldwide soon (we’re working on it!).  Look for it in all good bookshops from the beginning of June – if they don’t have it, please ask.  You can also order it from Creative Company.


Vice Versa

What a wonderful theme for an exhibition!  I am part of an exhibition running at Art.b gallery at the moment entitled Vice Versa, curated by Juria Le Roux.  Invited artists were asked to find a ‘partner’ and each were then asked to to a work of their impression of the other.  This could take the form of a construction, written work, sculpture or a portrait which some chose to do, while others are more abstract works and some just simply quirky.  My partner is Victor Harley, and these are our contributions… every picture tells a story.  Victor’s mixed media work is entitled ‘Conversations with a disproportionate loss’, while mine is ‘The dichotomy of the seen and the unseen ‘.



Inspired – or not…

I recently had a discussion with another artists about working when uninspired.  I don’t usually have that problem as I often feel I have inspiration overload, which is really the other side of the same coin!  Either way, it can be really inhibiting.  So what do you do?  I suppose it’s different for everyone, but as a working artist I go to work every day.  I don’t always achieve what I’d like and some days not much at all, but I always show up.  Some days I clean the studio, other days I will do mechanical things like paint frames and it’s all a step in the right direction.  I have started a drawing project with two friends, aiming to do a small sketchbook drawing every day. We share them on whatsapp  and, while I’m not in the routine yet, it is a great encouragement to each of us to at least do one thing every day.